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Work and Earnings

The West Side of San Antonio has yet to realize its full economic potential. To do so, our residents need to increase skills and knowledge through workforce training. Once trained, our communities require links to jobs with salaries that will comfortably support our families. MC Partnership supports several strategies in workforce and earnings.

Making Connections Partnership's Work & Earnings Results Area is established to support the overarching goal of ensuring that Edgewood Independent School District (EISD) third grade reading is at the commended level. Work and Earnings seeks to provide the residents of the Edgewood Independent School District with employment opportunities that offer a livable wage and employment benefits which support a livable income.  MC-Partnership defines a livable income inclusive of employment wages, public benefits (food stamps, Earned Income Tax Credit) and work supports (child care, transportation). Living wage is defined by MC-Partnership as the wage obtained by job employment, at or above $9.75 per hour.