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For the materials on the data workshop "State of the Westside" - Community Change Trends 2002-2008 held on November 17th 2009 go to the Data section below.



Making Connections seeks to provide data which may assist in the collaborative efforts of our partners working to improve the lives of West Side residents.

Examples of data sources include:

  • US Census Bureau
  • Edgewood ISD
  • San Antonio ISD
  • San Antonio Police Dept
  • San Antonio Metro Health Dept
  • Making Connections Surveys conducted by NORC


Various maps are available representing demographics, as well as efforts of many of the local community groups working on West Side revitalization.

In addition, Making Connections is in the process of creating a Geographic Information System (GIS) to serve the mapping needs of community residents and partners.


Included are reports on activities, assets, program results, demographics, and survey results related to the Making Connections neighborhood.  Documentation for surveys and other data sources may also be found here.


Online Resources

Making Connections cannot store all the data available and relevant for West Side residents on this site. We have compiled a number of links to other websites that contain information we believe is valuable to aiding the understanding of the West Side.