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Making Connections Partnership (MCP) began its work as a place-based initiative in 2001 with a series of neighborhood family summits in five sections spanning San Antonio’s West Side. During the family summits, more than 850 West Side residents identified 11 different outcomes to improve the lives of children.

Our work is guided by these outcomes and by the notion that children do better when their families do better, and families do better when communities are supportive.

MCP believes that the key to successful children and families is found in the relationships that connect people to one another. Social networks are central to our work. Through positive social networks and leadership, families can find jobs, build assets, access effective and efficient services and raise children who are healthy and successful in school.

The outcomes identified in the neighborhood family summits dictated the development of four major strategies:

The Place

It is an area of great historical and cultural significance. As many as 95% of the residents are Hispanic (most of Mexican origin) and 19% were born in Mexico. Most are family households with children. Six out of ten of them are homeowners and their mobility rate is slightly lower than the county average. The most distinguishing characteristic regarding the statistics of West Side families is that family breadwinners are usually working in low-paying jobs with salaries at less than half the city’s average per capita income.

Making Connections Partnership

Local Management Entity - Governance for Making Connections Partnership


Department of Human Services-Division of Family Assistance

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc. - Fiscal Agent

Family Service Association - Children and Family Lead

Edgewood Independent School District - Targeted Population

Local Resident:

Sylvia Zamarripa




Diana Guajardo
Interim Coordinating Manager/

LME Accountant
(210) 242-3176

Marisol Rodriguez
Resident Engagement Coordinator
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Ada Castillo
Office Administrative Assistant
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Arianne Evans
Communications Associate
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